As our name suggests, we are a contact center, however over the years our industry has changed rapidly… and so have we!
iCallGlobal is a unique multi-channel digital contact center, enabling our clients to compete efficiently and globally in an array of industries by providing a comprehensive BPO services channel including voice, data, back office and web/design.
You will find the range of products & services now catered for by iCallGlobal will ensure we remain at the forefront for the ever-increasing demands of business.

Popular Services

iCG Client Care
The iCG team is well equipped with talent, training, and technology to provide you with the perfect mix of customer service, telesales, and telemarketing for your business.
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iCG Back Office Ops
Whether you are a one-person firm or a several thousand-person organisation, you can always improve productivity by working smart. Concentrating efforts on your core competencies and outsourcing non-core activities is one of the best means of making smart use of time and resources.
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iCG DesignSuite
These days nearly everyone has a website, whether it be work, family or even just personal. The key is to making sure you stand out and can be found by potential clients, that’s where iCG comes in, we can help you stand out with a phenomenal presence, high search engine rankings and social content management.
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iCG OfficeStarter
Are you looking to start your own offshore cost center, if so we can help! Take the trouble out of trying to find the right staff, incorporate business and learning the local laws. We have 3 different options we customize for clients including SeatLease, new office build or a complete build and manage option.
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