Taking a new idea to market can be rigorous and timely – and taking the wrong direction can become a costly expense, which can sometimes completely sideline or derail the entire project!

We can assist businesses with our diverse skillset to deliver measurable results based upon specified target markets. Whether it is the creation of a brand or brand awareness. Over 250,000 businesses were introduced during 2010 alone with a rather dismal success rate of these new product innovations. At iCG, we will help your business with any new launches by guiding you through the steps necessary to a successful launch.

iCG will help your business with the following:

1. Study and understand your competition – even if you think your product or service is unique, it’s important to understand what your customers will purchase in lieu of your product or service. Understanding the businesses that provide this alternative is essential. This is done through an analysis of their marketing materials and an evaluation of how your product will stand up to these alternatives.

2. Defining and Targeting your ideal customer – It is important to launch a product or service with minimum financial outlay. In order to do this, it is important to identify and focus on those prospects most likely to buy from you – your target customer. These target customers must have a perceived need for your product or service, as it is always easier to fulfil a need than create one.

3. The proper creation of a unique value proposition – A clear understanding of your offering is important to stand apart from your competition. The benefits and features of your offering that will provide your customers with the most value constitute your business’s unique value proposition. iCG will help you identify and highlight this.

4. Concept and market approach testing prior to launch – Choosing your sales and marketing channels is important and iCG is here to help your business identify this. Be it online market channels such as via a website or social media or offline marketing such as through the more conventional print media. Your product offering coupled with the identified target market will be used to identify the most effective and appropriate channel for a maximum ROI. It is then essential to test this against your marketing message and marketing materials. iCG will help your business by providing a range of testing channels based on your budget. These can range from the use of formal focus groups, surveys of a cross section of your target audience or online research.

5. The launch – An effective roll out of your is essential. It is important to identify an effective tactic for this. iCG will help your business identify a range of public relations tactics for the successful launch or roll out. These include the use of media relations (print articles, interviews and press reviews), holding a launch event or the use of grass root marketing teams to create a buzz surrounding your product. The continuous monitoring of all marketing efforts is important once roll out is complete. We help with this monitoring ensuring any strategic adjustments required are carried out promptly and effectively.

6. Product or Service Life Cycle – It is important to monitor your product or service post introduction and education as it matures. iCG will help you monitor all your marketing results, highlighting any diminishing returns that indicate time to either revise the product or service, alter the media or marketing message or as a final resort, the phase out of the particular offering to make way for the next new offering.