If you have made the decision to spread your wings and take advantage of the benefits of operating your own cost center, great work! The Philippines is filled with a highly skilled and educated labor resource, positioning itself as one of the major destinations for offshore operations.

That’s the good part!! The hard part is actually getting started. Going alone can be a risky option, especially if you are unsure of local governance in the Philippines.

iCG OfficeStarter was created specifically for this reason. We have a vast experience in fitting out offices and we understand the specific requirements to ensure this is a smooth exercise for your business.

We cater to the following:

  • New company Registration (there are numerous ways you can incorporate in the Philippines)
  • Fit-out Design
  • Government Permits and Authorizations
  • Product sourcing (locally or through partnerships in China and South Korea)
  • Project Management & Construction
  • Network Diagrams, layouts and provisioning
  • Upon completion, the smooth handover of completed office

We can also assist getting you up and running with our seasoned Human Resources department, so you can attract and recruit the right talent without learning this new market.